What We Do

We gain media coverage across a wide range of issues pertaining to the Gippsland region. For more information on our areas of interest please click on the following links!

Please send an e-mail the corresponding contact if you would like to help out in a particular area. Otherwise we are always keen to have people join our Powershop Campaign!

We would really love your feedback on these issues via our blog page, to get discussion going.

Gippsland2020 Powershop Campaign
Contact Rod Horton rod@nrgwise.com.au to get involved
To find out more visit  www.gippsland2020.org
To sign up click here.

Climate Change
Contact Peter Gardner pdgardner2012@gmail.com
To find out more visit http://petergardner.info/

Human Health
Contact Jo McCubbin jomccubbin@dcsi.net.au

Contact Jill Redwood eeg@eastgippsland.net.au
To find out more visit http://www.eastgippsland.net.au/

Mining Law
Contact Tracey Anton tracey_anton@hotmail.com
To find out more visit http://www.communityovermining.org/

Gippsland Lakes
Contact Ross Scott rossscot@bigpond.net.au

Sustainable Living & East Gippsland Environmental Issues
Contact John Hermans john.g.hermans@gmail.com
To find out more visit www.geg.org.au

Hazelwood Hydro
Contact Dan Caffrey janolbran@netspace.net.au
For more information visit http://www.latrobevalleysg.com/

Climate and Health
Contact Kate Lardner cjlar2@student.monash.edu
For more information visit http://www.healthyfutures.net.au

Biodynamic Farming
Contact Ian Only iano@skymesh.com.au

Gippsland Lakes
Contact Peter Wheeler pjwhe1@hotmail.com
For more information visit http://www.gracegis.com.au/

Cattle on the High Country
Contact Mary Connor hconn@netspace.net.au

Psychology & Philosophy
Contact Chris James doctorchrisjames@gmail.com
For more information visit http://www.doctorchrisjames.com/

Immigration & Employment 
Contact John Glover johnag@datakey.net.au

Political donations
Contact Scott-Campbell Smith greengipps@gmail.com

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