Gippsland 2020’s strength lies in it’s ability to be a voice in the media on issues pertaining to the residents of Gippsland. Such areas of concern include environmental, agricultural, social, health, and political related issues. We also support the stance of Gippsland based front-line community action groups like Lock the Gate and Voices of the Valley, through various media channels.

Traditionally we were set up as a group that built a campaign around the 2014 Victorian State election. We still have a strong political focus and will be collating a set of community designed political goals for future State and Federal elections.

These goals will represent minimum commitments for our current political leaders to achieve or act upon by the State and Federal Elections. No action- no vote!

Categories for goals may include:

Gippsland 2020 may be used by anyone to achieve political accountability for the people’s Gippsland, creating a Vision for a 21st Century Gippsland.

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